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The Chronicles of Fedors - the translation of my book for the English language.

Posted by Aldemir Alves

Hello, dear readers!

Today I am creating an especial publication to announce the translation of my book for the English language. I realize that lately my blog has interested enough foreign public and that I receive several visits from USA, Germany, France, Russia, Portugal, etc.
In this publication I want to show for you the first pages translated version for the English language, the book will be first published in the Amazon and Kobo in digital format, but I have contacts in other countries and I intend show its for any publishing houses in other countries.
For those who know nothing about The Fedors’s Chronicles I can say it is about epic fantasy, in medieval style.
Esteros is a book which has conquered many fans in Brazil and is interesting the fantasy readers. I do not have a specific date for the release version in English, but I believe it not will be long for this to happen. For those who are interested to read the book I will let down the first pages ready.


Aldemir Alves was born in 1981 in Uberlândia / MG - Brazil. Currently, he works as a graphic design and co-editor at Selo Jovem publishing house. It is a contemporary brazilian author, and then with his first book published in 2011, he began to stand out in a fantasy setting, with new opportunities to publish your books in some publishers. He wrote stories of epic fantasy, supernatural, and tales based on the world of Esteros. One of his most successful books is "The Chronicles of Fedors." Aldemir is a fan of the creations of Stan Lee, Tolkien and the Mauricio de Souza, a brazilian guy. Your favorite books have always been science fiction and fantasy.
The Chronicles of Fedors - Portuguese edition


         My conscience is disturbed by thousand of voices and each voice brings me thousand of stories, and each story I am sentenced villain. I will back in time for to repair my mistakes, I want to redeem myself, I will offer my kingdom, all my gold and my own soul, if this is necessary. Esteros leads us to a medieval world, where kings become individualistic men, children are encouraged to do good, above anything, even the evil is no longer feared. However, innocence is inevitable for a tribe who only wish peace. Vamcast, the boy who tried to dominate the world when he was 13, he hadn’t friends and he always tried to win the love of your father. Your father is a cold and careless man, and because this, he missed the way he created your son. A careless ruler brings chaos for your tribe, but a rational man needs to correct your own mistakes.

                                                                Comments by readers

            When I readed The Books of Esteros – The Chronicles of Fedors for the first time, I was sure that wasn’t anyone book in my hands, I don’t know if the author had the intention, but the way that him relates the Andor’s saga delighted myself deeply. I felt myself like I was reading a book about medieval fantasy for the first time.

            Knowing, feeling, living with all the events caused by Vamcast in that pacific world, as much in the opinion of the innocent Andor as the mysterious and suffered Fedors, I just asked one thing for the author when I talked with him: “When will be released the next book”?
            In a era where a lot o f writers try to copy the most famous styles, the writer of the books of Esteros did a simple thing and that I like: he told a story.
            I hope everybody feel that, and I hope the gods of Esteros and the gods writing permit the Aldemir’s mind always be overflow of ideas.
Ricardo “Mestre” Urbano – Geek na Rede

            In a world that changed the pain and the death into myths of the past, Vamcast Destrus grew up with a lot of doubts and jealousy about your younger brother, ‘cause your father’s love, becoming a great warrior, wishing power above all. Now, steeped in shadows and wrapped by yours most darkness feelings, he became a kings’ murder, declaring himself an enemy of all the tribes in Esteros.
Daniel Silva – RPGVale


            The Fedors’s Chronicles it’s a saga that describes the memories of the character “Fedors”, a man who became moribund, due the ways he chose. Yes, a zombie. For who don’t know, zombie is a person walking without life, a rotten person who still carries a soul.

            The Fedor’s story has started any years ago, he was once a mortal and from that he says in his first chronicle, he knows very well the world of Esteros and your tribes. Your death has been caused by tragic fact, what make him suffer from what confused memories and regrets of your past. He lost hope. He released his fate to the winds, and he has been long fallen on the dusty ground. Your only friend was an old tree and almost lifeless.

            However, the hope reborn and “Salazar”, a wander who walked there, accepts hear him. So, your story starts.

            Fedors remains as the narrator of the book. He’ll tell to Salazar and the readers why he suffered so much. He will relate events that marked the Destrus family, family which he was also part. The outcome of this first chronicle is scheduled for five books, that may be advanced. Depends on how the story will flow. While I write this prologue, I have four finished manuscripts about the saga, just waiting the publication. But the readers are very interested by the book. So, I intend for forward the publication or, perhaps, I advance the publication of the full volume. After the outcome of story I plan to write great tales about “the world of Esteros and your dwellers”.

                                    ABOUT THE PROCESS OF WRITING

When I created the first chapter of Esteros in 2010, I was very involved with MMORPG, in particular, the World of Warcraft game. I always loved themes involving Norse Mythology, Celtic mythology, Greek mythology and Egyptian mythology. The book about these mythologies normally has been created by great authors, RPG lovers. Besides seeking inspiration In something that already exists, this authors innovated and made it through his own essence to book, creating them own languages.

Inspired by these mythologies, big names have grown over the years. J.R.R. Tolkien and your “The Lord of The Rings”; C.S Lewis and “The Chronicles of Narnia”, among other great names of world literature.

Became a fan of mythological characters, especially orcs fans, elves fans, dwarves fans gnomes fans and fairy fans, made me want to create my own story in this genre. Creating characters that I every want, with belief and particular costumes for Esteros, I gave life to new races and new tribes. The esterian’s mythology it’s built on the childhood of humanity. All this began after the betrayal of angels to your Supreme God. This betrayal unchain the destruction of first paradise, recreating the Heaven and the Hell, near the worlds and new planets.

The creation of esterian’s mythology it’s based on fictitious facts and scientific facts connected to universe, also all living beings. Of course this theory to rejection the acceptance of a Lord. We should, however, to detach the fact that the big bang theory is, by the way, a consequence of another theory: the theory about expanding universe. For the mythology is more realist, I insert a God over her, I joined all my religious knowledge and my theoretical knowledge and even using something that others have explored, I created an “innovative” thing.

When the great paradise became a place of prostitution and disorder, the Lord destroyed all his creation. However, He loved your children. So, He saved the pure, “the kids”. The Gods of esterian’s mythology come alive after these events.

There are thirty Gods throughout the universe, and each one has your legacy: taking care of the lives that were assigned to them. Based on this big bang theory, I do the reader’s imagination to flow in a way that relates other “worlds” to esterians. Maybe, our world can be part of the same galaxy of Esteros. This is perfect, ‘cause I could to insert the humans in this book’s woof, one day.

The esterian’s mythology relates the first confront between the domineering of habitable worlds and the first discord between Nazebur and him brothers. Everything happen on this home woof, born the Heaven and the Hell, then. Nazebur needs to destroy the life in the world that exists in the universe, him mission is to corrupt the mortal souls and to promote the wickedness over this people. Getting help from mortals own, he intends to decimate the life in the planets, quenching all the living beings and changing their souls to transform them to immortal soldiers. Creatures know as Asmectros.

These creatures can walk on parallel worlds, fortify and evolve in mortal bodies, like maggots on a host. They take possession of mortal souls, until they absorb all the vital energy of the individual. When they finally win absolute control, they develop completely, becoming an extremely powerful creature. The Nazebur’s plan is to gather thousand of Asmectros at this side, and use them against other gods and become the Supreme Lord of all planets.

The focus of the story is especially about family Destrus, they are the oldest and most respected kings of Naires. They decreed peace after defeating the greatest villain that Esteros has ever known, the orc Nalefis Onus.

Since the time of Lord Mancarus Destrus, father of Mussafar Destrus and who destroyed the Orc Nalefis, the continent Naires is sheeted for peace and party time among species. However, previous wars a hundred years ago, caused by king Mancarus, still haunt the tribes, who fear by him return.

In the woof, there are also creatures remarkable, and they can be invoked during battles. These creatures will be reward for them conquerors. After the conquerors posses the spiritual stones, they will have a mascot-shield in their side. These stones, after being invoked, will give life to various creatures. However, the nature of the creature will be same to your domineering. When a villain to execute the invocation, he will have at his side a malign monster, a zombie, winged demon, dragons, among others. If a good person, will give life to a creature of light as an angel, winged saddle horse, Pegasus, fairy, Minotaur. After the manipulator creates the creatures, he wins a ring, that is placed on your finger, and this ring can never separate of his domineering, except this ring be destroyed in a battle.

                                                  NOTE OF THE AUTHOR

For a better understanding of this story, I suggest the reader reads first “the esterian’s mythology”, in the end of this book. The mythological part relates the descendents of the tribes shown here and explains clearly how came the gods and planets shown in story. The changes implemented in this new edition have been edited with the intention of improving reading. Most of them based on the visions of literary critics who pointed out mistakes and successes in the narrative. The main changes will be featured are the characterizations of the world and characters.

Even if the criticism has inspired me to improve this book, I knew that there are possibilities for this book not to let all the readers happy, and many readers can to criticize the way I wrote this story, however, still, I’m sure other people will love this book and have a lot of funny with its. Obviously some people will say that this woof isn’t the more original in the fantastic literature, or the more creative. However, this book has pleased a lot of readers since your first publication. I guess an author never must create your book just for yourself, ‘cause this will be selfishness.

The books of Esteros had its first published version in 2011, in a site where the publication is free an 100% on demand. There, I tasted for the first time the glory of know that people are reading something that I wrote, and I followed the previews of my first readers. For some readers, the book was little and had few dialogues, for others, was a pleasant reading and that left some issues, and the readers needed to know the answers. Day by day I was more involved in this project, so I didn’t stop and I continued creating the story.

In 2012, I finished the book, with 600 pages, When I finally finished the story with the title Esteros – The Naires Continent, I boarded on a attempt frustrated of publication. I sent this book for a lot of little, middle, and big publishing houses. I never received positive answers and the only publishing houses who gave me positive answers charged me absurd prices, out of my financial reality. I was giving up and coming back from “there site”, when I received an offer a little more friendly, the publishing house offered me 300 books for $7000,00, that year. I though and I was right for the publication at anyway, so I though in divide the book in parts. From there, I became a published author.

However, the simple publication, without any disclosure by the publishing house in selling my books, frustrated me again. I understood that I embarked on a ship about to sink. Again, I was on a “site on demand”, however how I needed to pay. There publishing house didn’t do anyone good revision in my book, the publishing house hadn’t interest in sell my book and her wasn’t serious, much less well accepted by readers.

Desperation took me. I preferred sincerely broke the contract and come back at site on demand. But before I come back, a light at the end of the tunnel came.  A young publishing house gives me an opportunity. The Selo Jovem publishing house, which was born with the junction of some authors willing to publish by themselves. The mission was to give life to an editorial seal; we ourselves would work in our books, each of assuming your function and helping each other. The idea worked, and I went there I got to publish at no cost and the readers began to appear… Finally I was being read!

The books of Esteros had its official publication in early 2013. Being published in parts. Shipped to a fair price, mainly on the site of the publishing house and also in the Amazon. The books is being well accepted by fantasy readers. From experience I, Aldemir Alves, say to you dear authors:

You must invest in your dreams, believe that you are able and never give up when somebody says you aren’t good enough to do this or that. You can try, you must risk and you’ll get.

For readers who criticize my book and other readers who will still criticize it, I mention only a fragment from a review written by Tolkien, an author who has always inspired me.

J.R.R.Tolkien says in his prologue:

“Any people who read my book, or otherwise make a critical of it, said it is boring, absurd or contemptible. I have no reason to complain, up because I have similar opinions regarding the work of these people, or the type of work that they evidently prefer. But even from the point of view of many readers who liked my story, there is a lot lacking. Perhaps not be possible to please everyone at all points and to displease all the same points ... The most critical reader of all, myself, now I find many defects, minor and major, but unfortunately I don’t must to criticize the book or write it again, they will pass on a silence, except for a defect that was noticed by some; the book is too short! ”

So, dear friends, Tolkien’s answer to destructive criticism was simple, with him words he says “I will write more and more, this story will become huge and you will have many things to criticize”. Tolkien resolved this defect, look at the size of his work. It is inspiring, isn’t it?

Esteros will grow, all these first books will be unified. How I described in the first book, there are five continents to be discovered, and I must demarcate this world with maps and write about all other continents.

Finally, I hope this prologue has piqued your attention to the book, I also hope that this story can teach all that the family has more value and is up for anything. Even though this book addresses a fiction as the predominant theme, the arguments discussed here can be truthful, when applied in real life. Carelessness and disaffection against an innocent person is able to transform it for life. My message is for parents to treat their children equally, which offers about the same extent for all members of a family.


            “At first were four gods, actually four brothers. As they were assigned a lot of universes and a legacy that would take care of a heritage. This heritage was given to them by their father, the God of all things that, seeing a lot of worlds to be destroyed, give them a last chance to save the maximum creations that deserve to live. The brothers retained and took care of this to them was given with very caring until one day the balance was shaken, endangering the lives of all. Over the years the four brothers have become powerful men: Nazebur, Homandir, Temtauros and Zeuros. They kept their worlds in galaxies known as cordilhetes. All these cordilhetes in turn, contained universes rulers who maintained a sun, a moon and propitious stars to sustain life in a perfect junction, generating heat, darkness, cold and light. This union was able to keep the cells alive, continuously evolving and in perfect harmony and peace. In these worlds, peace reigned and life revolved cycles, as the planets; when someone ended his mission in the world, he was sent to another life on another planet, and he would not remember his previous life. He could loves, dreams, laughs, dances, plays again. He could live again, that’s the truth. Thus, there would be a perfect cycle of lives and happiness. The joy of mortals attracted the gods, because the wickedness, the envy and corruption did not exist. With the pure environment, the doors opened, so the gods could walk among us and share of our happiness.
The balance of the universe was perfect while lasted. I say this because one of the gods became ambitious and cruel. Nazebur saw so many worlds and so many lives, began producing in his heart a feeling of envy, wishing it all to himself. His desire for power grew every day and, unable to control himself emotionally, one day, walking and watching those majestic worlds and full of life, he broke down and asked for a reunion with his brothers. Without hiding his real interest, he said he wanted his part of all, ending the society among them. The brothers not understand why Nazebur decided it, but they had no choice, because he had law to keep what was his by inheritance. And, after much insistence, he got it.
But the wickedness was tremendous. Nazebur brought suffering to all people who live in his territory. He walked that way as a greedy being, wishing mortal women, sucking the wealth and the life of the planets, creating a time filthy and obscene. And, when he finally killed everybody, the fun ended. The cycle does not work anymore. The men became corrupt and murderers, their souls were trapped there, because it isn’t maintained over the cycle can go to the other lives. That world was called Hell, or “dead world”. When Nazebur saw there was one else alive, and that the planets of his were all destroyed, he began to destroy the life in the planets of his brothers. Alone, he imprisoned and decimated many souls could. In view of this evil, the brothers Temtauros, Homandir and Zeuros began to fight against their own blood. The god who couldn’t be dead, but defeated in battle, he was imprisoned and kept tied by giant and indestructible chains on a black throne in his own world. Nazebur, unable to react, had to make alliances, but had only dead souls ahead. So, he gived forenames and strength to the chosen souls, now called Asmectros.
Asmectros were demons who would become the only way to spread evil in the worlds of his brothers. These creatures could travel and possess the bodies of mortals, giving them unimaginable powers. This way continued to kill, until end up with all life in the planets, after they would make your own world. A dead and destroyed world, formed by immortal souls being transformed into powerful demons. Powerful warriors, that by joining them, Nazebur would create a legion able even to kill his brothers. Dominating and taking everything for him, becoming the Supreme Lord of the universe, leaving behind only the memory of a time when the gods could walk on the planets, sharing peace and joy. A time when all the planets contained life, the greatest creation of the gods. A creation destined to suffer by your own greed for power.”

 Chapter 1 coming soon...
I thank all who visit my blog daily and who cares with my books, I hope you enjoyed the premise of the story.

Esteros livro digital